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The Right Match

It is very important during the college search process to find an institution that you are compatible with and feel comfortable on the campus. Try to match your abilities and needs with the college/university’s requirements and expectations.

Do NOT choose a school just because your friend is going there, you like their colors or their athletic teams are on TV.

You may find that a more expensive school can give you enough financial aid making it less expensive than a public school. This will depend on your grades, ACT composite score and extra curriculars. Please take all of the following into consideration when seeking a college “match.”

  1. Academic Demands: locate a school that challenges you academically to reach your full potential.
  2. Type of Institution: Co-­ed, women only, college, university, public vs. private, religious affiliation.
  3. Majors offered: make sure they have your intended major.
  4. Instructors: many large institutions have graduate students teaching courses, so be sure to ask if the professors teach the classes.
  5. Geographic Location: urban vs. rural vs. small town; keep in mind the cost of travel and distance from family.
  6. Social Standards: conservative or liberal, social culture, political views.
  7. Size of Enrollment: do you want to blend or know everyone? How large are the classes (15 or 500)? What is the retention rate (sophomores who return)?
  8. Campus Facilities: dorm rooms, dining areas, classrooms, libraries, computer facilities, labs, studios, food, medical help, and campus security.
  9. Extracurricular Activities: Interscholastic vs. intramural sports, Greek life, student organizations.
  10. Assistance: advisory, counseling, medical and dental facilities, career counseling and placement.
  11. Special Programs: Honors colleges, study abroad, co-­?op, early admission to medical/law programs
  12. Cost: meet with the financial aid office to discuss the costs of tuition, room and board, supplies, transportation, books, personal expenses, fees and fees in your major.

Planning ahead and finding the right match will allow you to find out their admission requirements to complete your four-­year plan.

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